Identify revenue opportunities more accurately. And make better use of them.

The new FACT-Finder 7.1 shows you in black and white what your customers really want. And you can react quickly – for example, with ranking rules and sales drivers that exactly match your customers' search behaviour.

Progress you can measure. FACT-Finder Analytics.

The new FACT-Finder Analytics provides valuable figures you can use to draw the right conclusions from your customers' search and purchase behaviour. On the Management Interface you'll get detailed insights – about your shop, your visitors and how you can better coordinate the two.

Augmentez les cross et up selling grâce aux univers à thèmes
L’expérience de la marque : La reconnaissance incite à l’achat

Tailor made for you. And your customers.

In FACT-Finder 7.1, analytics and optimisation go hand in hand. Using your analyses, you have the opportunity to control your ranking more precisely than ever before, in line with current customer preferences. You can also activated or deactivated rules and rule groups at any time.

Personalised recommendations

Personalisation plus recommendation: that's the new key to success, generating spontaneous additional purchases and bigger shopping baskets. With each click, FACT-Finder 7.1 analyses the preferences of the individual visitor, e.g. by colour, brand or price segment. As a result, all recommendations are dynamic and build relationships between products automatically. Now, with 7.1 you can further merchandise by including or excluding specific products manually.

Les produits sont rangés par thèmes - comme en magasin

Upgrade simpler than ever

With FACT-Finder 7.1 you can schedule adaptations to your integration or shop plug-in at any time that suits you. The newly developed API makes using the new FACT-Finder 7.1 largely independent of your shop system requirements.